Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today, we went to ITMS again
of course to do SAT practice
remember, this blog is all about the 3 fishy letters

so, after i'd done the practice
i combined my mark with the previous one
i was quite happy to see my marks
increased by 16 from the previous one

hwat i actually wonder is
am i really improved or not?
may be i got the higher marks because
what is the word?
oh yeah
good luck

i will try to work harder
do the best i can
that's all

Friday, August 28, 2009

do i need a torchlight???

for what?
i don't need a torchlight
because i can see very clear already
where i am right now

after the first 'Just For Fun' SAT practice at ITMS
i'm sure that i have not prepared at all
okay la, may be 5% prepared
but can i go to America with that 5%???
of course not

the only thing that i have 80% confident in SAT is Maths
but, that's because i love maths since in primary school
not because i am clever or well prepared


well, what can i say is
i'll try my best
try to do what i can
then i hope to see myself
at a better place than where i am

Thursday, August 27, 2009

fishing in the class

fishing in the class???
"what the ****"
how can we get any fish in the class???

that's right
if someone fishes at rivers or lakes
where fishes do not exist,
he surely will get bored

if students feel very tired in the class
they cannot get any 'fish' in the class

there are a few ways that can be used to get a many 'fishes' in the class even though i'm not very sure that this will work on us
1. you have to memorize all the 'fishy' words which were given by Mr. YJ, and also words that u
2. manage your time properly
3. don't study all the time, do relaxing activities at least 30 minutes daily
4. improve your grammar by reading grammar books and doing exercises.u can get some from
Mr. YJ
5. ask Mr. YJ to stop giving us alot of assignments so that we won't become stress

so, with these tips, we have to try to improve ourselves, and get many 'fishes' for ourselves.

All about the 3 fishy letters

what's that???
i can think alot of meanings for those letters

what a great power do those letters have
easily complicate my life
my head is going to explode
especially when the reading teacher give assignmentSSSSS
no pity, no mercy

i have to
i must
accept u you in my life
if not
bye bye America